CrossFit Games: Thoughts on adding a masters division (35+-40) in CrossFit

12 Sep

These are my personal thoughts!

In track and field, the masters’ division starts at 30+, and in olympic weightlifting, masters start at 35+. Two sports which have many similarities with CrossFit.

These starting ages for masters in track and field and olympic weightlifting aren’t coming out of nowhere. This is typically the age (30+ or 35+) where the majority of the athletes are having a hard time competing with the actual elite (some still can – and that’s great for them).

In CrossFit, the masters division starts at 40!

My hypothesis has for a long time been that the sport of fitness is missing out on a great talent mass in the age category 35+-40 years nationally and internationally.

I’ve been following crossfit in Europe since 2008, and I’ve over and over experienced the great talent mass at 35+-40 years only participating in team competitions or simply just waiting till turning 40.

I don’t know what statistics there are behind setting the bar at 40 years from CrossFit Inc.’s side, but by looking at the age of the CrossFit Games competitors in 2013, it’s obvious that the talented age group 35+-40 years is NOT (well) represented at the CrossFit Games at all.

Men – CrossFit Games 2013
■30-35 years old: 3 participants
■35-40 years old: 3 participants

Women – CrossFit Games 2013
■30-35 years old: 12 participants
■35-40 years old: 3 participants

By looking at the numbers, not a lot of men over 30 are participating at the Crossfit Games (total: 6), and only 3 participants are 35+ (they’re all 35 years). This picture differs quite a lot when looking at the women. 15 participants in total are 30+, but only 3 are 35+ (35, 36, and 37 years).

I hope that CrossFit Inc. and local gyms based on the development of the sport will reconsider the starting age for the masters’ division and consider adding a 35+-40 age division in order to make this sport competitive for all age groups. 35+-40 has a GREAT elite nationally and internationally just below the “youngsters” that we’re simply not following at this point…

CrossFit Games qualification for masters

Regionals have many breaks where nothing is happening. I would personally like to see all masters participating at the CrossFit Games qualifying at Regionals. People WILL come to participate/qualify, and the set-up is already there. No need to add other WODs/equipment.



One Response to “CrossFit Games: Thoughts on adding a masters division (35+-40) in CrossFit”

  1. Kaare Vincents Fisker September 13, 2013 at 8:12 am #

    Good points, Sarah!

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