MFFL World Masters Team Championships (35+ years)

24 Jun


The MFFL will hold the 1ST WORLD MASTERS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP on August 7-10, 2014.

This is an online competition that will crown the Fittest Masters (35+) Region in the World. Competitors will sign up as individuals and compete at their home box with points accumulated by all age groups and divisions within their REGION. Workouts will be adjusted for age, gender and experience level so beginners through beasts can accumulate points for their region. Masters who are injured can participate in partial WODS as allowed by their physician or their own good sense.

All Regions in the World are urged to compete. Regions with fewer participants may be combined (ie. Asia with Australia, Latin America with US South Central, Africa with Europe) . Scores must be validated by a local certified judge.

WHEN: August 7-10, 2014

ENTRY FEE: $25 (just like the good old days)

WHERE: Online competition, 3 events programmed by masters athlete Ron Gellis. WODS are performed at your box over 4 days. WODS WILL BE PUBLISHED AT 5PM Pacific on THURSDAY, AUGUST 7th.

WHO: All Masters worldwide (plus 35+ age group) are welcome. Sign up as an individual and we will put you on your regions team. You do NOT need to enter a whole team. You do NOT need to travel. There will be some video requirement for verification but this will be able to be done with your cell phone so no expensive camera equipment will be needed.

AGE GROUPS: Mens and Womens 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+ and 65+ RX and Scaled/Injured

STANDARDS: Most people are going to be RX. If you did most of the workouts in the Open, you should be RX. If you cannot squat below parallel, you should be in Scaled. If you do not have a muscle up but have everything else, you should be in RX. If you are a 60+ female and do not have an unassisted pull up but have most other movements, you should be RX. Scaled is for beginners or those coming off an injury who may be limited in what movements they can do. There will be NO DNF’s. People in Scaled/Injured will help their team not hold them back.

Scoring: Complete scoring rules are TBD but all levels of athletes will be able to generate team points. Elite athletes who have all movements will generate more points but even scaled/injured athletes who cannot (for instance) squat below parallel will also generate team points. YOUR LEVEL OR LACK OF SKILLS WILL NOT HURT YOUR TEAM.

PRIZES: All athletes who participate on the winning Regions team will receive a swag bag and other prizes donated by our sponsors. All proceeds from entry fees and t-shirt sales go back into prizes for the winners.

Sign up here:


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