MFFL World Masters Team Championships (35+ years)

24 Jun


The MFFL will hold the 1ST WORLD MASTERS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP on August 7-10, 2014.

This is an online competition that will crown the Fittest Masters (35+) Region in the World. Competitors will sign up as individuals and compete at their home box with points accumulated by all age groups and divisions within their REGION. Workouts will be adjusted for age, gender and experience level so beginners through beasts can accumulate points for their region. Masters who are injured can participate in partial WODS as allowed by their physician or their own good sense.

All Regions in the World are urged to compete. Regions with fewer participants may be combined (ie. Asia with Australia, Latin America with US South Central, Africa with Europe) . Scores must be validated by a local certified judge.

WHEN: August 7-10, 2014

ENTRY FEE: $25 (just like the good old days)

WHERE: Online competition, 3 events programmed by masters athlete Ron Gellis. WODS are performed at your box over 4 days. WODS WILL BE PUBLISHED AT 5PM Pacific on THURSDAY, AUGUST 7th.

WHO: All Masters worldwide (plus 35+ age group) are welcome. Sign up as an individual and we will put you on your regions team. You do NOT need to enter a whole team. You do NOT need to travel. There will be some video requirement for verification but this will be able to be done with your cell phone so no expensive camera equipment will be needed.

AGE GROUPS: Mens and Womens 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+ and 65+ RX and Scaled/Injured

STANDARDS: Most people are going to be RX. If you did most of the workouts in the Open, you should be RX. If you cannot squat below parallel, you should be in Scaled. If you do not have a muscle up but have everything else, you should be in RX. If you are a 60+ female and do not have an unassisted pull up but have most other movements, you should be RX. Scaled is for beginners or those coming off an injury who may be limited in what movements they can do. There will be NO DNF’s. People in Scaled/Injured will help their team not hold them back.

Scoring: Complete scoring rules are TBD but all levels of athletes will be able to generate team points. Elite athletes who have all movements will generate more points but even scaled/injured athletes who cannot (for instance) squat below parallel will also generate team points. YOUR LEVEL OR LACK OF SKILLS WILL NOT HURT YOUR TEAM.

PRIZES: All athletes who participate on the winning Regions team will receive a swag bag and other prizes donated by our sponsors. All proceeds from entry fees and t-shirt sales go back into prizes for the winners.

Sign up here:


DM i stykemangekamp (CrossFit + vægtløftning) + kval til EM/VM i VL samt Open WOD 14.1

16 Jan


DM i styrkemangekamp (CrossFit og Vægtløftning) den 1. marts 2014 @ Butcher’s Garage.

Konkurrencen er kvalgivende til EM og VM masters, og Open WOD 14.1 vil endvidere være på programmet, så alle kvalifikationer bliver tilgodeset!

Læs mere + tilmelding her:

World Championships in Weightlifting for Masters, Denmark 2014 (35+ years)

15 Nov

Don’t miss out on the World Championships in Weightlifting for masters (35+) in Copenhagen, Denmark 2014.

See more here:

National qualification required. See qualifying standards here (page 7):

CrossFit Games: Thoughts on adding a masters division (35+-40) in CrossFit

12 Sep

These are my personal thoughts!

In track and field, the masters’ division starts at 30+, and in olympic weightlifting, masters start at 35+. Two sports which have many similarities with CrossFit.

These starting ages for masters in track and field and olympic weightlifting aren’t coming out of nowhere. This is typically the age (30+ or 35+) where the majority of the athletes are having a hard time competing with the actual elite (some still can – and that’s great for them).

In CrossFit, the masters division starts at 40!

My hypothesis has for a long time been that the sport of fitness is missing out on a great talent mass in the age category 35+-40 years nationally and internationally.

I’ve been following crossfit in Europe since 2008, and I’ve over and over experienced the great talent mass at 35+-40 years only participating in team competitions or simply just waiting till turning 40.

I don’t know what statistics there are behind setting the bar at 40 years from CrossFit Inc.’s side, but by looking at the age of the CrossFit Games competitors in 2013, it’s obvious that the talented age group 35+-40 years is NOT (well) represented at the CrossFit Games at all.

Men – CrossFit Games 2013
■30-35 years old: 3 participants
■35-40 years old: 3 participants

Women – CrossFit Games 2013
■30-35 years old: 12 participants
■35-40 years old: 3 participants

By looking at the numbers, not a lot of men over 30 are participating at the Crossfit Games (total: 6), and only 3 participants are 35+ (they’re all 35 years). This picture differs quite a lot when looking at the women. 15 participants in total are 30+, but only 3 are 35+ (35, 36, and 37 years).

I hope that CrossFit Inc. and local gyms based on the development of the sport will reconsider the starting age for the masters’ division and consider adding a 35+-40 age division in order to make this sport competitive for all age groups. 35+-40 has a GREAT elite nationally and internationally just below the “youngsters” that we’re simply not following at this point…

CrossFit Games qualification for masters

Regionals have many breaks where nothing is happening. I would personally like to see all masters participating at the CrossFit Games qualifying at Regionals. People WILL come to participate/qualify, and the set-up is already there. No need to add other WODs/equipment.


Butcher’s Classics 4.0 – Team Challenge (incl. masters-konkurrence fra 40+)

12 Aug

Classics 4.0

Butcher’s og Reebok inviterer hermed alle crossfittere til at deltage i konkurrencen: ‘Butcher’s Classics 4.0’ – Team Challenge

Hvor: Butcher’s Lab og “ukendt destination”

Adresse: Staldgade 22, 1699 København V.

Hvornår: Lørdag og Søndag den 19-20 oktober 2013.

Hvad: Som navnet indikerer, vil konkurrencens workouts bestå af klassiske CrossFit-WODs, fx Girls, Heroes og andre kendte

Der kan dystes i følgende rækker:

– Hold elite (2 herrer)

– Hold begynder (2 herrer)

– Hold elite (2 damer)

– Hold begynder (2 damer)

– Hold masters (2 herrer)

– Hold masters (2 damer)

‘Elite’ dækker over alle crossfittere, der allerede har deltaget i 1 eller flere større konkurrencer.

‘Begynder’ dækker over alle crossfittere, der ingen konkurrenceerfaring har/har deltaget i få konkurrencer og har opnået mindre gode konkurrenceplaceringer, dvs. begyndere/motionister.

‘Masters’ dækker over alle crossfittere der min. er fyldt 40 år på konkurrence dagen.


– Hold elite (2 herrer): 20

– Hold begynder (2 herrer): 20

– Hold elite (2 damer): 10

– Hold begynder (2 damer): 15

– Hold masters (2 herrer): 10

– Hold masters (2 damer): 5

Hjælpere honoreres med mad, vand og t-shirts. (Du behøver ikke at kunne hjælpe begge dage)

Alle deltagere modtager desuden en deltager t-shirt og der vil være gode præmier fra Butcher’s, Medicsport og Reebok. NB: præmier ved alle WODs!

Billetten refunderes ikke! Ved skader kan der dog udskiftes en deltager.

Dopingkontrol vil blive foretaget til ´Butcher’s Classics 4.0´. Ved tilmelding giver man sit samtykke til kontrol. En dopingkontol kan indebære, at du må afgive en blod- og/eller urinprøve.

Spørgsmål på

3-2-1 GO!

Butcher’s og Reebok


Bounty Hunter Open Online Fitness Competition (for masters 40+ as well)

10 Jul

Bounty Hunter Open Online Fitness Competition

The Bounty Hunter Open is the chance to test yourself against the best in the WORLD in an online Open style event. Hosted by two of the most elite CrossFit athletes in the world – four-time Games athlete, Tommy Hackenbruck and three time Games athlete, Ashleigh Moe.
Beginning August 12th 2013, The Bounty Hunter Open will be a three-week, three workout competition. Every week a new workout will be released giving you the opportunity to measure your results against thousands of athletes in this unique worldwide online competition. What makes Bounty Hunter Open unique is the added competition to get the weekly Bounty. Not only will prizes be given to the best score at the end of the week and overall, but each week there will also be a “Bounty” given to the first athlete to beat othe Marquee athlete’s workout.

Three ways to win
•Be the first each week to beat the Marquee male and female Most Wanted athlete and collect the $500 Bounty.
•Post the best score for the week and win $250.
•Win the 3-week overall with prizes going 5 deep!

For a total of $6000 in cash prizes offered!

Registration is Open

Registration is now OPEN! From the experienced CrossFit athlete to the first time competitor The Bounty Hunter Open brings all competitors together to test their abilities. This is your chance to compete in a global venue, register now at

Første konkurrence udelukkende for CrossFit Masters i Danmark!

11 Jun

Arrangementet vil være for 2 mands hold i aldersgruppen +35 år, og der vil være 8 holdpladser i hver af følgende klasser; mænd, kvinder og mixed-teams, i alt 24 hold.

Holdene vil komme igennem minimum 2-3 events på dagen, med 1-2 cut offs op til finalen.

Niveauet er i de indledende heats så alle kan være med. Der vil være mulighed for skaleringer og forskellige måder at opnå point på. Men uanset niveau vil alle blive udfordret i styrke, cardio og skills.

Mere info følger.

Hold øje med Facebook eventet

Vi glæder os meget til at se jer til en fed dag i C.G. CrossFit Helsingør.